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Here's a reasonably inclusive compilation of tools, applications, hardware, and more that constitute my everyday arsenal for crafting designs and writing code.

Web Design & Video Maker

  • Lately, Figma has taken the lead as my go-to tool for UI design. Whether it's crafting proposals, business decks, or working on web design projects, Figma is my versatile companion for all things related to the world of UI design.
  • When it comes to video-related tasks, I rely on Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects for a polished finish. These two tools form the cornerstone of my video editing and post-production endeavors.


  • For my coding needs, I opt for Visual Studio Code. It's a widely used choice among many, so it's a tool that needs no introduction.
  • When it comes to front-end JavaScript libraries, React is my preferred choice. Its component-centric approach is what initially resonated with me as a designer, offering a mental model that truly clicked.
  • When delving into 3D effects and image shaders, my tool of choice is three.js. While it might come with a bit of a learning curve, the potential it offers is substantial. It enables the creation of impressive and potent visual experiences that can be harnessed for various projects.
  • In the realm of CSS, I've explored a variety of pre-processors and CSS-in-JS solutions, including styled-components. However, my current approach involves utilizing vanilla CSS alongside PostCSS and TailwindCSS. This combination allows me to harness forthcoming CSS features in the present, enhancing the flexibility and capabilities of my stylesheets.